Sunday, January 8, 2017

Finishing up some loose ends

I started this way before Halloween. I got the center pieced and then just left it. So the last couple days an hour or so at a time I have gone in and put the two borders on it. More of a baby quilt size. Lots of color is in this top. 

Everything in this top is from 2 inch strips. I had tons cut so I thought I would use them up. I need to look for a back for it and do cross hatch quilting on it. I don't want to take away from the geometric design with flowers or hearts.

This is another top that was started over a year ago. It is for an extra long twin bed. I need to add some borders to get the right width. I think the 4-patches were made with 1.5 inch squares. I received some in a thrift store purchase and I just added to them. 

So I am progressing, but which pile do you start in. I have two log cabin quilt tops to quilt and 1 courthouse step top to quilt. 

I want you to know I am happy with my improvement, but the real gift in all this I have lost 40 lbs. I have gone back to pants I hadn't worn in over 18 months today and they slid on easy. I hope I never let myself go again. I am still trying to get in better shape. Can't stop in the middle now. 

I think three little girls are coming for us to watch tomorrow for about an hour. Mommy has to go back for a checkup after having baby. The two girls have been staying with their grandma and they saw the baby at the hospital, but today they come home and will have to adjust. 

Katie the two year old doesn't understand. So her nose will be out of shape for awhile. 
Here is a picture of the three girls at the hospital. Autumn is the older one she is 3.5 years old. Charleigh was 2 days old and Katelyn who is 2 years old is standing behind the baby playing with the baby's hair. They sure do look like sisters. Hopefully tomorrow we will get some more pictures.

Have a good one Chris

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Teresa Rawson said...

Wow! Your scrappy projects are so nice! I am so drawn to scrappy projects...maybe because I stress out about choosing colors...

Your newest addition to the family is adorable and it looks like you will have a lot of "help."