Friday, January 13, 2017

I am up

Not sure what is going to take place today. We have the possibility of ice storms coming our way over the weekend. I have food in the house and I thought about making some snack stuff before the possibility of loosing electricity.

We live on a well so water will have to be drawn off to use to drink and toilets. I think i am going to round up some hexies to work on in case we loose the electricity. I can do that to keep myself busy.

Charge my phone and maybe the laptop. We can maybe watch a movie if nothing  else. I have a ton of DVD's around. We have a puzzle in the works. Plenty of batteries and we have a gas fireplace we can light for heat.

This old girl has lived in the country before and needed to be prepared. If an outage is prolonged it will be cold enough to place food in containers and place on the porch. If we have to place food in containers and put on the porch to keep it from spoiling. We have the covered porch and it isn't 80 degrees out. Thank goodness.

Sit by the fire and sew like they did in the pioneer days.

I remember being without electricity out here for 19.5 hours a couple years ago. This time we have the fireplace with a manual gas pilot in it so we have heat. It struggles to be above 60 if the furnace isn't running, but better than no heat at all. We will survive.

Hope everyone is safe and not in this storms path. Keep on stitching Chris

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