Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gray and Gloomy

This is a project I worked on last Spring. I don't think they are sewn together yet into a top. Modified Courthouse Steps.

They have a 4-patch in the center instead of the usual square block for the center. I had a lot of strips so I just kept sewing. I need to find them and get it made into a top. 

I have a plan after this next weekend to get the backings all made to fit these tops I am assembling. I will then measure up what I need for batting. I have a tons of scraps which for the smaller lap quilts or baby quilts work. For a bed size quilts I like a solid sheet of batting. 

Then the room will need cleaning because all the digging and I will sandwich the tops with the back and batting. I have to look for a transparent Mono filament thread to experiment with. I have a stitch on my new machine that if you use the clear thread on the top and regular bobbin thread it looks like hand quilting. So I will try to accomplish the look I want. I am going to Joann's and see what brand they have tomorrow and then determine if I need to go to quilt shoppe to get something else. 

I know some people have preference, but the availability to me without ordering isn't an option in my neck of the woods. If anyone has a preference let me know.  

This morning I woke up to a funny feeling. I had this overwhelming urge to call my Mother. Which is not an option. She has been gone over a year and a half. I spoke to her in my own way and felt better. 

I think this was all brought on by my Granddaughters lack of concern for her family members. We have reached out and got the cold shoulder so I am letting it rest for now. I know my mother would have done that. Maybe she was trying to tell me to step back and take a deep breath. It is so hard when you know they are making a mistake.

Growing up for teenagers when you are the parents and grandparents they use to love and rely on, to no contact for the adults it is so very hard to cope with. Hopefully it all works out and it becomes easier to adjust to changes. 

Gloomy weather doesn't help either. I wish the sun would come out and give everyone a purpose for being alive today. Life is to hard to have so many gloomy feelings to deal with. Especially when the feelings are not something you can change. Hope and prayers. Chris

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Frog Quilter said...

Sometimes maturity takes a while and yes it's hard as hell, waiting.