Saturday, January 28, 2017

I think this is ready to sandwich

I went into sew for a short period of time. I got the last border on this. I just didn't think it was wide enough for a crib quilt. This is crayon colors and really bright. Just from 2 inch wide strips. 

This is what I thought  would be enough but it just wasn't quite as wide as I liked. I put it down for several days well like 20 days if you look at the dates on the pictures. I thought about it and decided to add the logs around the 4-patches. 

I think it works and adds about 3 inches more to the width of the quilt. Which isn't much but it finished off the edge in my opinion, but who am I?

So later tonight I will get the backing pressed and get the batting ready. Maybe tomorrow I can get it pin basted and decide on the quilting and thread. I have a pale yellow I might use. 

Hope you have had a good sewing day. Chris


Jean said...

I love that quilt. So bright and happy looking on this another cloudy day. Had a beautiful sunrise and then the clouds came again.

Rebecca said...

You said "who am I"
You are the creator of a lovely bright quilt listening to your own judgment of balance and grace,
Its a fun quilt that plays well with it self.