Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Been uptight all day

The weather can cause me headache stress and also tension stress. Today I think it was the tension stress.

I haven't done much. I think I have that sunlight sensitivity. Meaning I need sunlight to function. As I get older it happens more and more.

Still lurking on the internet and blogs and Pinterest. I found some attractive to me traditional quilts. Many are using 9-patch and 4-patches. More controlled scraps than what I had been doing. Two colored 4-patches and 2 colored 9-patches. Then they have an alternative solid looking block of contrasting fabric that more quilting can take place in.

Need some focus and some interest to get some of this done. Desire is there, but I'm not motivated yet. Cabin fever, boredom, and lack of initiative.

I hope I haven't lost the focus on sewing and quilting. I have been thinking maybe I should put the stuff away do something else. I know we all go through slumps, but this is so long term for me. We have had such a long Winter and that hasn't helped any at all.

I'm ready for Spring flowers and green grass. I think I am going to find something to do and try to overcome the stress. Chris

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