Sunday, March 1, 2015

Getting excited

Autumn Grace and Katelyn are coming tomorrow. We haven't seen them much this Winter. It was a rough Winter between sickness and bad weather. Autumn's birthday is tomorrow.

We are having lunch and my Mother will be here also. I'm going to brave the cold and grill out tomorrow. Which reminds me to get the meat out of the freezer and get it in the fridge.

I have to remember to get the girls measurements. I want to make some look alike outfits for them. Maybe nor totally alike but same fabric. I think this will be fun to start sewing for a little girl let alone for two. Taylor was fun to sew for, but she has her own ideas of what to wear now that she is almost 16.

I thought about going to Joann's and look at patterns. If I can find some good basic elements to a pattern like a good yoke or interesting sleeve style I can embellish from there. All little girls like twirly skits so that is a given.

The other thing I need to find is some easy fabric to launder. Most prints anymore are all cotton which is good, but the iron has to come out to look nice. Mom is so busy running a business and running after to little ones plus my son who is an overgrown kid and needs a keeper with him all the time.  She doesn't have time for the iron and ironing board.

How did we do it when we iron white shirts and all of our clothes when we were young. Well I know how. We didn't have computers and tablets and cellphones to keep our noes in. I use to get more done to.

Well hopefully your Sunday is busy sewing unlike mine. I cleaned some today and need to get more done. Chris

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