Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I think I am going to start a new one

I made one whole flower with the new solid replacement fabric. It doesn't look to bad until you place next to the other. 

Just above my thumb is the two together. They will touch in two places when set in place. My husband said if I had enough of the new to put the started piece back and look better for the first fabric. I agreed. 

The thought of starting over is upsetting, but I shouldn't have been so organized and then I wouldn't have been in this pickle. I started some yesterday in between doing laundry and cooking. Today I need to get some house work done.

I normally would fix corned beef, my husband is Irish/German, but we decided against it. I am Scottish/Dane/ Swede so it doesn't really matter. 

Much cooler today. It got to almost 80 degrees here yesterday. Only will get to 48 degrees today. Spring time in Illinois is so unpredictable. With all the snow melting we have a high fire danger warning out and yet people start brush fires and it turns into grass fires real quick with the wind. 

We finally got the limbs that fell in the heavy wet snow we got during the Winter removed. What a mess that was. Two dump trucks full of limbs. Now the grass has a chance to grow. 

Enjoy your day Chris 

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