Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mini Hexies revisited

In moving things in the last two weeks I found this handwork project. I knew it was around I just was doing a lot of knitting and decided until it was warmer out I could knit and not do hand sewing. I love the colors in this.

But and here is the kicker, I put away the yardage of the tea dyed muslin and can't find it. I wanted to make sure I had enough to do this quilt top. I have really put it away because I cannot find it. I had a gift card from a gift so I went to Joann's and used it yesterday. 

This is the closet piece I could find. It is Kona Cotton Khaki and the weave is really different. I decided I would make a couple flowers using this cotton and see if I really like it or not. If it is to far off when worked I bought enough to start a full sized top and hopefully in my travels I can find the original piece and have two of them.

In this artificial light it really looks different, but in natural light it is a lot closer. I was being so smart to put this extra fabric away and now I can't find it. Go figure, be organized for once and it backfired.

Found out we maybe will have company today. Jeff's cousin is coming to town to see family and they will be stopping by. I also asked my Mother to come out and eat pot roast with us today. She loves it, but cooking for one isn't something she likes to do.

Suppose to get to almost 70 degrees today. Almost all of the snow is gone. Trees are getting big buds and the grass is waking up.

Jeff got the lawnmower all really and tuned up for the yard and we just sit back and wait for the sun and grass to grow. Have a great day. Chris

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