Sunday, March 1, 2015

Do you starch?

I have had a debate going on in my head today. Would starching blocks keep them from stretching while stitching in the ditch.

When I sold sewing machines in the 70's the first thing we would ask when a machine was brought in for repair and the issue was skipped stitching was did you starch your fabric.

So do you spray starch your blocks after you finish them? I read a longarm quilter would not stitch a quilt top unless it was pressed and spray starch used. I know bias edges need securing and spray starch does help. I know when you wash it after quilting is done most of it will wash out. What do you do?

As it stand now most of my pressing is done with a dry iron. I'm afraid the moisture will distort a seam. Am I wrong? What is a quilter to do?  Chris

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Katie M. said...

I think it's definitely personal preference. If I'm working with diagonal seams, I will starch my fabric before cutting. I use a dry iron when pressing my seams as I construct the block and assemble into the quilt. After the quilt assembly is completed, I will usually PRESS using steam. I do occasionally starch the borders if they seem to be 'wavy'. As a longarmer, who does quilt other quilters' work, I have never requested anything specific as far as pressing goes. But then, what I do is for charity and is usually sent to me in the mail so would require pressing by me anyway....