Sunday, March 8, 2015


I can't sew fast enough, straight enough, and creative enough. I think I have lost some of my skills with my lack of sewing of late. I maybe have an excuse to day, but maybe not. I have a migraine and it doesn't seem to be going away. I layed down and it was just screaming at me.

I went back to doing some quilting on the 9-patch quilt and got more done, but had to rip some out. My outline stitching was kinda squiggly. Well I caught it and repaired and don't have to go back later and find it.

We had snow flakes in the air this morning, but I think it is about 45 degrees out right now. We still have snow piles all over our yard yet. We had about 20 inches left on the yard this morning. Hopefully by next weekend it is pretty much gone. We have a possibility of rain this afternoon and the pollen count is going up. Things are starting to show signs they maybe are alive.

We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. My husband has a cyst that needs removing and so we will be to the clinic early. Hopefully with this time change we can get the momentum going early. Chris

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