Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Does size matter?

Now you raised your eyebrows. Don't deny it. Does the size of the quilt matter to you? I like a queen sized quilt most of the time, but I have tall men in my life and they need the length to cover them.

I do like smaller quilt like for wall hangings and also for table toppers. I make quilted potholders and also mug rugs.

I read a blog long time ago that in History some women would make a  mini quilt to see if they liked the blocks. Then they went on to make larger ones for use on the beds. I don't know if I would like making two quilts, but if that is what you like to do go for it.

As I stated in my previous post I have storage issues. Where do you place all of them? I have a double closet with things in it, but we have to store clothing also. Maybe I need to purge some things..... Like most of it and start over. Hey that sounds like work and decisions need to be made. Maybe not today. Chris

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