Saturday, March 21, 2015

Finally a completed quilt

Finally a finish. I am not proud though. My lines of stitching and the SID are not great, but I'm sure it will get thrown on the floor with kids rolling up in it. 

After doing this quilting I decided I need to start starching or sizing my blocks. I can see where the mistakes I made come from not doing this step. I tried the walking foot and wasn't happy with the results so this is a step I am going to try with the next quilt it.

The other thing I did was to clean the carpet in my very large living room. It had traffic wear and also things had been spilled. Not large amounts but, a a dribble here and there and we as adults did that. 

Tomorrow I will get the cookies made. I didn't get to that today, but thought I did pretty good getting the other things done. My to-do list never ends. Chris

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