Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I think I figured it out, well maybe

As of now I have this machine set up for quilting and also garment sewing. The open space is nice to hold the weight of larger pieces. To the right of the machine is a mess. Pins, needles scissors and leftovers from things I have been working on. I keep trying to pick more of it up when in there, but unfortunately I keep adding to it.

This is suppose to be my cutting station. You hear suppose to be. Well it is cluttered also. If I wanted to cut major amounts I would have to work like a beaver and clean it up.

This is suppose to be my piecing station. I also do a lot of bobbin winding here. Three of my machines use the same size bobbins so I can have a machine set up with my thread for piecing without unthreading each machine to wind. 

Ok my theory is I'm not organized. Well at my ripe old age not sure it is going to happen. You know the story about teaching and old dog new tricks. LOL.  I made the comment to my husband that I wished I had another room top work in and he said with a straight face "That ain't going to happen" I said I could wish. He laughed and walked away. 

I know it isn't going to happen. I guess I need to sew more and try and get somethings finished and out of this room. It is only about 10 X 12 ft. room. It has a closet, but it is full of other sewing stuff you don't use all the time. Like a sleeve board and storage boxes with garment fabric in them. We have no attic usable and no basement so no storage there either, 

Under beds are somethings, but mostly the closets and the shelves on the walls in the sewing room are my choices. 

Today is going to be more quilting on the 9-patches and finishing up the dress for Autumn. I have elastic and side seams then the hem. I really need to try it on her for a length. I know about what it should be, but don't want to cut into other fabric until I see how it fits. 

I have a big project to do in the near future. My son is getting married and I need to get a quilt finished. It is about 112 X 112 inches square. The top is finished. I need to locate some fabric for the back and get it pinned or hand basted. So I really need to get the sewing room in batter shape. Wish me luck. Chris

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