Wednesday, March 4, 2015

No sewing

She fell asleep drinking her bottle. She played on the floor with a tape measure for almost a half and hour. Maybe she will be a sewer.

This is the crazy 2 year old. The baby had a tape measure so she had to have one also. She said "come on metmaw" So I had to find one for her too. 

Daddy is sick so Mommy took him to the walk in clinic and then came back and got the girls to go grocery shopping. They were both good for me. 

I bought some fabric today and a  pattern that will fit both of them if I cut it right. I think I will use some architects tracing paper I have and draw both sizes off so I can use it later. It is sized from 1/2-4. Quite a range of pattern sizes in one pattern. The dress pattern can be shortened for a top pattern also. It has bloomers for diaper cover for the little one also. 

Fun to sew for little girls. Chris

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