Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Confessions are in order

I have been doing something, but it is slow work. I still have some discomfort, but it will just take time to ease up. 

Today took my Mother to get her drivers license renewed. tomorrow is her birthday and she will be 87 years old on April Fool's Day. She is doing good and her spirits are good for everything she has gone through. 

These stars and flowers are fun to do and the colors are fun to pick out. I can sit and watch TV while stitching them. I have been sewing some summer outfits for Autumn. She is outgrowing everything. A couple are in the works, but I need to go buy elastic. I have every size but what I need. 

Tomorrow another Dr's appointment. Husband  gets his stitches out. It will only take a couple minutes, but it is healing well. 

We bought some bare root plants and got a couple planted so maybe tomorrow we can get some left over leaves cleaned up and get some more ready to be planted. I get anxious to be outside this time of year and get the yard ready to bloom. Chris

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