Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Need to be sewing

 I need 48 hours in a day so 24 of them could be sewing to get everything done I want to do. Not realistic, but sounds good. I was cleaning off a counter and found these laying there.
I made a lot of 4-patches and thought I would do them in two different, but similar looks. This is the smaller blocks and they are lighter over all in tone. 

Same 4-patches, but they have darker tones to them. So many different combinations can be done with these. These stemmed from power sewing and getting bored with the same old thing. Of course for me it is scrappy. You could use color combinations of your choice. These would make good baby quilts or lap quilts also. 

Today is another appointment. Stitch removal for my husband. Should take about 10 minutes and we will be out of there. Suppose to be close to upper 70's today. Need to get out and start some flower bed clean up. We cut everything back in the fall, but neighbors don't clean up their leaves and they blow into our yard so always clean up to do. 

Hope you all have a great day. Chris

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