Thursday, April 23, 2015

Well didn't end up happening

I got a text from my son's girlfriend that he was at a major fire and she needed to go to the fire station and make sandwiches. The girls were sick so I went to their house. Ended up I brought the girls to my house.

They had a trucking company fire going on and 8 fire stations responded. My son ended up in the ER for 4 hours dehydrated. He got overheated and his heart rate went up and wouldn't come down.

The business is a total loss and no one was hurt other than my son being overheated. He was the first on the scene. It is less than 300 yards from the fire station he was working at today.

The town was pumping water out of the water tower to put this fire out.

She made 100 sandwiches out of the back of her car in less than 30 minutes to feed these guys. I would have helped, but the fire station was overrun with firefighters and also the smoke was close by. Both girls have colds right now.

Fire is out and now the Fire Marshal has to determine what caused it. So no sewing happened.

They just came and got the girls and heading home. He is wore out. Chris

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