Friday, April 24, 2015

working to get somewhere

Yesterday and today triangles sewn onto the 4-patch between things I got a few added on.

Trimming and making them neat. They are a little compact unit. Only have to do this with 100 of these. 

Trimming makes them look so neat. The next step is a little more involved so as I get to it I will post pictures.

This was my pressing and sewing session this morning. I stitched the string squares together and the 4-patches got the triangle surrounds and I stitched for a couple hours. Not a lot of progress because I stopped to press after chain stitching. Also I put the ironing board up in a different room for now so I have to get up and move to get to it. 

I went to the store and got the rest of my shopping done. We are to get 1.5 inches of rain over the next 36 hours. All my bills are paid and everything is in order for the rest of the month. Goal is to get more done. LOL Chris

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