Tuesday, April 21, 2015


45 minutes of sewing yielded this strip of logs. 

These are more logs being sewn together. These are for the 4-patches I am making. These are 1.5 inch logs made from 1.5 inch X 3 inch logs sewn together the length. Then they are sewn into strips. I will segment them into 2.5 inch 4-patches.  

Here are more of the logs sewn together in chain stitching. They will be pressed and sewn back together to be cut again. sounds like a lot, but I think it is less handling. 

It is horribly windy and we are to get below 32 degrees F tonight. So we just went out and covered the plants we put in the other day. They are really doing well and I hate to loose them. We have 4 more days of way below temps and also lots of wind. We had 45 mph gusts today. Glad I don't own the van anymore. I would hate to be a semi driver in this wind. 

Tonight I think I will cut these strips up and see how close I am to my 100 goal for the 4-patches. The next step in this block is 4 HST per block. So 400 HST's need to be made. Oh my my! Chris

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