Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Modern or Traditional

I was sitting here this morning to have coffee and looked over and saw the contrast of the two quilts as they hung over the arm of the couch. Quite a contrast.

Modern vs. Traditional. Normally we are defined by our choices. For the most part  I am traditional. There was a request for the Modern look. Most of my fabrics lean towards the traditional, but I decorate that way and it is just comfortable to me.

Modern is a different realm to me. My Aunt in the late 60's and early 70's was into the royal blue and olive green look. She had aqua appliances in her home which was rand new at the time. To me it was new and clean looking, but it never felt quite right.

My Mother on the other hand never used a color scheme for decorating. She used pleasing colors, but each room was different. She chose what she liked at the minute and went with it. As I said it was all different. She had some more modern looks, but I think the reason it was this way was money. She needed to paint a room and then decorated with what she could afford to get.

Even today she had some modern and some traditional items in each room. Eclectic I think they call it. It works for her.

Do you lean to a certain style? I lean towards the traditional, but skirt the odern look for some small items. Chris

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Katie M. said...

interesting topic, Chris... Because I share my house with the hubby, I have to take his tastes into consideration. I tend to stay to neutrals in the 'common' areas of the house with accents of sage green. My quilting room is done in dove grey with accents of charcoal & white. The sewing room is neutral as it hasn't been repainted since I moved into it :-) If I could decorate anyway I wanted, with an unlimit wallet, I would still want comfy furniture, light wood or painted light colors, but fabrics would be bright.... I love color - lots of it ..