Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sitting in the sunlight

Sitting at my dining room table and typing this. The sun is streaming in the window. I so needed the sunlight today. It makes a better feeling for everyone.

Hand stitching this morning waiting for my phone call. I wait every morning for my Mother to call to tell me she is ok. If she hasn't called by 10 am I am calling her or on the road to see what is going on. She is fine just went to bed late so up later than usual.

Yesterday I think all total I sewed about 6 hours. Last night my back was killing me. I got up and did other things in between, but I guess the chair I was sitting in didn't help any. I had used it for years and changed to a straight chair of late and yesterday went back to the office chair and it hit me wrong I guess.  It is important to have a chair fit you right to get the best posture you can get while sewing for periods of time. Note to self to adjust the chair or change it next time.

Easy supper tonight. Hamburger stroganoff. We like it and it is not a lot of effort to make it. If we have leftovers we can eat them the next day for lunch.

Well I think I am going to move getting to warm sitting in the sunlight and get some water and see if I can do some sewing. Chris

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