Friday, April 17, 2015

Did not spend a lot

The two sales we went to were mostly kids clothing so I didn't get to much. I did buy the baby a hat and also a bag full of socks. I spent a whole $1.50. Big spender.

Mom found some maternity clothing and also plenty of dresses for Autumn. She spent $20.

Mom and Dad will be getting married in August. Yes I know they didn't do this right, but it is to late now. So we went to Joann's to look for a dress pattern for a Western Themed wedding dress. She wanted a top that covered well and yet was sleeveless. Also a skirt that is longet in the back and knee length in the front. I think we found something she really likes and she picked out the fabric also.

The fabric was on sale and she could order the fabric and get it in one piece in the color she wanted. We still need the lining and also some 3-4 inch lace. It is called ivory, but I think it is more candlelight. It will drape nice and be comfortable to wear.

We bought enough to do the two little girls dresses in the same color, but we are going to line there dresses with a colored lining for the back side of the longer skirts to show.  I think it will be cute for the little ones.

She is going to wear cowboy boots and so will the attendants. They own some property at the edge of the town they live in and they will have a tent and reception there. Casual and yet nice. They have access to the chairs and tables they need and it won't be a huge wedding, but it will be fun.

Today they are reseeding the property to have a nice stand of grass so it will look nice for the wedding.

I will take a picture of the dress pattern. The one for the girls and hers also.

Off to another huge sale this afternoon at 5 pm. Then I think KFC for supper. I froze what I planned on cooking. Darn it! Chris  

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