Monday, April 20, 2015

Scraps again

ok here we go again. This scrap bin is overflowing. I guess I need to start doing some piecing and get some of this sewn up. I think I even can find half again as many laying on my cutting table. 

Why am I bring this to the for front? I guess it is to shame myself into realizing I am not doing enough. Well at least not for myself anyway. I need to clean, cook, laundry and also pay bills and would way rather be sewing. Today the girls come back again because Mom has a Doctor's appointment and Dad is working.

My Mom surprised me and called and said she didn't need help. She did it herself. She was happy about that. She has been sorta proud of herself after having so many set backs. Which is a good thing to have some good outcomes. 

So what are you doing today? Scraps planning or just piecing? Chris

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