Monday, April 27, 2015

Went looking and found all of this

I went looking for something and came across all of this and don't remember half of it. There are 73 16-patches completed that are 7 inches square. Not sure what I intended for them. I guess I can always figure something out. The other blocks are 178 of 2.5 inch 4-patches. 

Don't remember making them. I think it came from all the bags of scraps I bought at the thrift store about a year ago. They were bigger pieces and I cut them to work and sewed them together. No intended quilt idea just thought it would come in handy at some point.

Amazing what you find when you look for it. Or you are looking for something else and find all of this. Now my mind is on overdrive as to what can I finish with all these sewn pieces. 

It is gorgeous outside, but I have been sewing or trimming pieces to finish up blocks. I found an ice cream tub worked well for all the pieces of the Churn Dash blocks. As I finish strip piecing I will add to the bucket and after awhile I will make a few more blocks. 

This is a result of power sewing and having things ready to sew together. I think I will make maybe three quilts out of my find in the dresser drawer. Hey I saw this and forgot what I was looking for. LOL Chris 

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