Thursday, April 30, 2015

Stitching and Pressing

 End of April is here and the beginning of May will be here tomorrow. Sun is out and the day is getting off to a good start. I got up early my MO and decided why not get some stitching done. Same old thing from the other day strings. I trimmed squares up so I started to sew them into 4-patches. I got to squares sewn together and then the pressing needs to happen.
These look like piano keys, but they are sections for the Churn Dash blocks. I make them twice the width of what I need so I can cut them into the 1.5 X 3.25 inch sections. I'm sewing so I can make twice as much while sitting there. For 100 blocks I need 400 of these string sections. 

Need to turn the iron on and get everything pressed and then trimmed up. As they say make hay while the sun shines. I'm making strings while the sun shines. 

This afternoon we get granddaughters for an overnighter. Mom and dad have to go two different directions and will be home later so no one has to be on the road late at night we decided to have them spend the night. Not sure we are up to it, but they won't be here real long before bedtime. I do have to pick up scissors and needles and pins before they get here. 

Autumn still likes remotes and phones so they will have to be secured also. Have a good day. Chris 

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