Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hopefully I have today to myself???

In my retail wandering yesterday I found remnants. I need some lighter colors or should I say brighter colors. These were from $1.50- 2.50 a piece. 29 inches is the longest. With a remnant you get the whole width of the fabric also. I always look for them over the fat quarters. With scrap quilting you will use it up faster.

I will probably stir the pot here, but as I walked through one of the two local Wal-mart stores I found a nice selection of printed quilting weight cottons, yes all cotton with a name brand on them very reasonable. They are older runs and they are VIP of Cranston. As I have said before I am not making quilts to be judged so I can afford to use the fabric of my choice.

Many many years VIP of Cranston was about the only fabric that had small prints in all cotton available in the States. Several years ago they went out of business because the couldn't compete with the foreign markets. Sad time in the industry. Now we have higher priced fabrics that are printed in other countries and we pay the import taxes on them in the per yard charge.

I always say buy the best you can afford. Well this is in my price range and I am making them to be used and also to be loved and drug around. I have been known to use others cast-offs also. A couple friends have sent me their unused scraps or fabric they will not use. Which I love the fact they think of me as a friend.

We have a couple fabric stores in a 50  mile radius that bag up the unused scraps when making store samples and they sell them. I move to the beat of a different drummer when I can find those buys also.

Suppose to rain today so I heard from as little birdie {Amy} that sometime maybe she would be in my area and would visit. I think I need to clean my dirty house. So a little cleaning and a little sewing will take place today as it stands now. Have a good one Chris

Update: Mom called and needs help so I will go and be of service. Maybe sewing later today.


Frog Quilter said...

Love the fabrics shown in your picture. I too am a recipient of others cast offs and scraps. It's wonderful and I enjoy it!

Jean said...

People love what I make from OPS---- Other people's scraps.Most of my quilts are donated. I like a Christmas card a friend made, that says It's the little things that make life BIG. Keep sharing your wonderful projects.

Katie M. said...

I am not a fabric snob but know a few who are.... And if they can afford the prices they see on fabrics at the quilts stores... well... good for them! But I'm with you, I look for the bargains and I've never had anyone give a quilt back or bring one back saying it needed repaired.... just sayin'