Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Items I bought while shopping

Yes you see my entire purchase. $18 worth of pins.

I have that wedding dress to make and I do not want to snag the fabric so I bought new pins. I am picky about pins and I like a head on them. The yellow telephone poles that they sell for quilting pins do not cut the mustard for me. 

I buy a silk pin with a head. They are sharp and pierce the fabric without snagging. I have used them for years and prefer them over everything else. 

I also wanted applique pins with heads and found some of them. 

The tools to sew with are so expensive anymore it scares me and others off on replacing old items. 

There was so beautiful fabric, but $11 a yard and up. Out of my budget for the time being with a roof to replace and also the wedding coming up. I have to squeak the nickle until the Indian is riding the Buffalo's back. Can you believe  my heritage is mostly Scottish so I am tight with the dollar. 

We weren't there very long and she wanted to go home so we were home in less than 2 hours. Chris 

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Carol said...

Your last paragraph pretty much described me too Chris...fabric is getting priced out of this world