Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stacks and Stacks

Got up early to read my blogs that I watch and decided to sew. I have stacks of partially finished blocks and pieces for quilts all in the process. 

 The string blocks are sewn into 4-patches they will be connected to the string blocks in the works above.
Here is the stripped block of strings. One square is 3.5 inches and the other is 2.5 inches. While I was cutting and trimming and pressing while the rain is falling outside. We have had over an inch since yesterday afternoon late. 

The power sewing and watching a show I missed during the week have kept me going. Time to trim again and cut some more elements to make these two quilts get farther along. 

I am going to step away and do a little of the household chores. Like a load of laundry and also some dishes. Maybe should think of something for supper and get it out of the freezer. 

Today so far is my own so taking advantage of the sewing time. No deadlines, but just need to be busy. Chris

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Teresa Rawson said...

I love all your strippy, scrappy things you are working on! You get so much done, despite your love and devotion to your family and grandchildren. I am looking forward to being more regular with my habits once we move and Riley has started her first year of college. Those square in a square scrappy blocks are my favorite of yours...I am not very confident with that kind of piecing and should make some scrappy ones for a border to gain confidence!! Thanks for the inspiration!