Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Well not my day yesterday or today

Yesterday I told you we had an appointment. Well we got there went to the third floor where we were to be and she had the wrong day it is tomorrow. Meaning today so we go back today to see the Doctor.

We instead went to the grocery and got things she needed. She had a list, but the list wasn't complete so we ended up having to back track in the store. Well I back tracked she stayed in one spot.

Got home had the two girls for several hours and they were on the go or needed attention. Kate the youngest threw a temper fit and she finally got her way and fell asleep. Mom got home from her shopping and she had trouble with her brakes so I ended up driving her the 32 miles home. We unloaded the stuff from her car to mine and then unloaded it last night when we got there.

I'm up and need to get ready to go pick my Mother up for her next appointment which is at 9:40 am. Today my husband needs to go to the lumberyard and get some things bought for yard work. I think I will collapse in my sewing room this afternoon and get some cutting or sewing done. Yeah Right!

I have been looking again at Pinterest and found some neat ideas for more quilts, but I then add the pictures or the website to  my favorites list. Well the pictures from all the posts I have made and the grandkid's pictures  my computer is a mess. I need to plan on cleaning this up. Some of the pictures of the quilting can be eliminated, but the pictures of the kids I need to save. Not to self: buy an appointment book and a new Jump Drive. Cover all my bases with these two purchases.

Well another day and the sun is up and I need to get going. Have a good one. Chris

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