Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Finally figured it out.......

Strings are flying here. I sat down for 45 minutes and got all of these stitched while watching Netflix. I am watching "The Bomb Girls". It is a BBC series about the women who were left behind to make the bombs while their men were in WWII.

I got 12 made in about 45 minuted. Still need to trim them and remove papers, but that is a lot of stitching done in a short time. Having the strips cut the width of the fabric I was cutting and then trimming to a close fit and stitching goes quickly if you chain stitch and also finger press. I then take them to the iron after the foundation is filled. They are 3.5 inches square and they are telephone book paper. The ink doesn't rub off or come off with the iron. 

The stitching length I use is 1.5 or about 18 stitches to the inch. That way it perforated the paper and when pulling the paper off it doesn't pull looser stitches out. 

Now to the title of this post. Finally figured it out. Yes I have. I have decided there aren't enough hours in the day for all my needs, wants and wishes. My Mother told me to keep busy and it will eventually all get done, but I think she told me wrong. I never seem to get it all done. 

Yesterday was an appointment for my Mother and also an EKG. Then pick up wedding dress fabric that was ordered. Got there and they sent two bolts each with 8 yards on it. I needed 10 yards total. so had to figure how to cut it between the two bolts to get the best cutting advantage out of the fabric. They looked the same color, but would hate to have the dye lot be different. Went and picked up sandwiches and rushed home to eat. Got dishes done and my neighbor came to get some alterations pinned for me to do for her son's wedding. 

Today I agreed to take my Mother to the quilt shop in Fulton, Illinois. She makes Linus Quilts for this shop to give out. Mom has 5 of them done. For 87 years old and dealing with cancer I think she does pretty good. So about 3 hours will be on the road and the shopping and lunch at the local DQ. This is a treat for her. 

When I get home I need to figure out supper and also to clean my machine, new needle and wind bobbins to work on the neighbors outfits. It is a georegette and knit fabric for one a knit for the other one and they need small amounts done, but it needs to be neat. Hand sewing for hems also. The knot is soft and stretchy so it will pucker if I hem by machine. 

Going to trim these string squares up and take papers off and pile them up till I can get back to them. Have a great day. Chris

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