Sunday, April 12, 2015

mini 4-patches

I cannot take credit for this tutorial. I can say it is on the blog Bee in My Bonnet under Row Along which is in her Tutorial section. Her name is Lori Holt and this method helps with tiny 4-patches. Many of you have a limit as to how small you go. Well this is using 1.5 inch strips and cutting the logs to make this 4-patch. The logs are 1.5 X 3 inches. I cut several for variety.

Next I mix them up and stitch the length of the log chain stitching.

Clip them apart and press either by finger pressing or by the iron. Do not distort the size.

 I then take the short end and but the seams apposing seam allowances and stitch end for end.
I finger pressed the seam allowances open for less bulk in the centers. 

See I have them all  butted up together and stitched. Notice the variety and don't put to like fabrics together on the end for end sewing.

I then went to the iron and pressed them flat. Making sure the seam allowances were open between the sections. The next step the picture didn't take so bare with me.

See how in the center there is a 2 patch section. This is cut off the end of the line of stitching. Save it because you will use it at the end. Cut the cross the center seams with a 1.5 inch cut.

 The 4-patches are complete now. See all the variety you get with this method. Half of the block from the previous section and half of the block from the new section makeup the 4 patches. I got 12 blocks finished from 12 log sections. I pieced 24 logs to make this. Lot less handling really small pieces and when the cutting is done you have a block.
These are mounding up quickly this way.

Perfect little 2.5 X 2.5 inch blocks without all the extra stretching and handling to make them whonky. You can do this with any sizes as long as the strips are 1/2 half the width compared to the length. So example 2.5 inches X 5 inch logs will make 4.5 inch blocks. Hope this is clear if not email me and I will try and walk you through this. I have a ton more of the strips cut and stitched the long way. Need to press and stitch the short side. I plan on making 100 mini 4-patches today. Chris 

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