Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Need to be but didn't get it done

Shame on me. I stitched on the mini hexies early this morning like at 3:30 am. Then I didn't get back to it until maybe now.

I made a pan of brownies and cooked rib eye steaks on the grill for my Mother's birthday. The dishes are done and now it is almost 7 pm.

I plan on watching a couple shows on TV and then I will get to the hexies again.

I will be stuck in the house tomorrow because we are to get rain so maybe I can get back to the sewing room and clean up another pile and do some more seaming. A few here and there it gets done sooner than later.

Sunlight is streaming in the window and boy do they need washing. Add to my list of things to do. Have a good evening Chris

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