Saturday, April 4, 2015

Last minute plans

Yes, I have last minute plans to deal with. Easter is at my house on Sunday. Both the boys and their families will be here to eat. I guess an Easter egg hunt will go on also.

I was just going to have my Mom and the two of us. Now it has grown into 14 people. What to cook? Was planning on pork loin roast and salads, but with all the kids it had better be something on the grill.

So that meals off to the grocery store today and fight the crowds for the fixin's. More than likely baked beans, deviled eggs, raw veggies and dill dip, brawts, hot dogs and burgers. and a couple salads. maybe a bag or two of chips that the dip could be used with. Kids aren't really into salads.

Thank goodness I have a couple crock pots to put things in. I make pulled pork often when they come so this time I will not do that. They all get together about 3 times a year and Mom has to cook.

Should find a dessert to make also.

I got the pinning done, but the rest of the day slipped away. I have the thread pulled out to start it with and need to wind bobbins.  I changed my plans and didn't do the pillowcase method. Instead I will pull the backing around and bind with it. It is the same fabric as the borders. One less hand stitching part to do.  

Hope all of you have a nice weekend. Chris

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That is a good finish for the edge of a baby quilt. Fast and easy.