Monday, April 27, 2015

Small Pieces

Small piecing going on everywhere. Strings for the string quilt and strings for the Churn Dash blocks. Good thing they both take the same size strips to sew together. I keep chain stitching from one piece to the other paper piecing foundation. Just pressed now need to straighten them up and rip off the papers on the back. 

Watching Netflix while doing this kind of stitching. I hopped over top Pam Buda's blog and looked at her comments while she was making these Churn Dash blocks. She stated it took her almost a year to complete all the elements in this block to make a quilt. Her's is more of a twin bed size.  I believe it because it has taken a lot more time to do each step than what I imagined. 

I need to find some storage for these tiny segments of this quilt. That way I can keep them together and not loose any of this project. I have several containers just need to find the right one. 

The other small piecing I have been doing is the hexie stars. The color in the purple one isn't real true, but it is a darker block than what I thought it would be, but it will work. 

There are 73 hexies in each of these stars. Challenging and also using smaller pieces that aren't enough for something else. Yes, I am crazy, but I feel I have to have a challenge or why am I doing it. 

Last night I got a text would I talk to Autumn on the phone. This is the first she has wanted to do this. Almost 26 months and she put the cellphone on her shoulder with the shoulder raised and walked around the house talking to me. Her Mom was laughing the whole time. Shades of her Dad and his phone conversations. He is on the phone all the time. Now her Mom is going to have to watch her phone because with a smart phone there is a picture of Grandma on the phone and she knows how to quick dial from the picture. These kids are just to smart anymore. 

Her older sister would push redial and she would get me all the time. They are so quick to pick up what you are doing with these devices. 

Sun is out and the day is suppose to be warm.   This week is appointment week again so I need to ready in case she can't do it herself. 

Back to stitching and doing some cleaning and cooking today. Have a good one. Chris

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