Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Will write more late

Up this morning and not sure why. I guess I couldn't lay there any longer. Oh well!

Raining some outside. WE are low on moisture and they have had fire danger warnings out and yet people go out and burn yard trash with the wind blowing. My son has been out twice a day for two weeks fighting brush or grass fires. Even a lit cigarette can start a ditch fire that can spread quickly.

Today is suppose to be quiet here. We had the girls yesterday because the older kids had to go to their Mom's.  Kate has found out that Autumn's hair is a good pulling item to grab onto. So even if her hair is pulled back she gets a hold of it.

I have that nap quilt in the works and want to finish it today if possible. Ge something more done and off the list of to-dos. Then I have a bigger project to get sandwiched and quilted. I think in between I need to get the Summer clothing thing going better. She is so long in the waist and she needs longer tops to cover her tummy. Not bigger than a minute around just long.

We had leftovers from Easter and I think that some of it will get frozen for later use. Then I need to find something for supper tonight. I have allergies to preservatives and I ate a bratwurst yesterday and it cause havoc and I suffered all night with it. I need some clean eating type of meal today. So rummaging in the freezer will happen after while. Be back later with some pictures. Chris

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