Monday, April 20, 2015

Crazy person that I am

I am one of those people who cries at a parade and falls apart when a sentimental movie comes on.

Tonight the MASH series was on and it was the last time Henry Blake was on the show and he was killed in an airplane that was shot down. I have seen it a million times and also ways end up in tears. I know what the ending will be, but it doesn't matter. Strange how things effect a person.

Today has been a strange day. Gray and windy. The mood has been somber around here. nothing wrong just a quiet day. The girls came while Mom had a Dr.'s appointment and even they were quiet.

Suppose to be windier. I just looked out and still windy and starting to sprinkle. We need the rain we are behind. Not as bad as other parts of the country.

Tonight I think I am just going to sit. Girls two days in a row and I am just worn out. Can you image what it will be when the next one comes in 7 months. I can't wait. Chris      3 little ones under the age of three Yikes!

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