Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sewing, but not getting much done

This project is a slow going job, but I like the colors and the design as it goes. I need to get some more colors out. I am using 1.5 inch strips for the hexies and I have another quilt block that needs 1.5 inch strips to be cut up so today I cut more strips.

Yesterday another Dr. Appointment so the first part of the day wasn't reproductive. I did go to a couple early yard sales, but walked away empty handed. First of the year and they are wanting way to much money for their things.

So yesterday afternoon I couldn't stand it any longer went to the sewing room and threaded up my vintage Montgomery Ward machine and started stitching. Mind you had to clean off a space to get to it. I had quilt magazines and printed out knitting patterns laying all around it.

I reached the counter top and found partially sewn 9-patches and also 4-patches. I dug in and started stitching what was laying there. The variety was getting slim so cleaned up the mess and got the cutting mat and the cutter and my tubs with the right size precut strips out. I cut an entire ice cream bucket of 2 inch squares out so I am back in business to power sew when the mood strikes me. So nice to have the strips cut and waiting to be used.

Today I need the 1.5 inch strips cut and dissected into logs. 1.5 X 3 inch logs. I have a project that needs like a 200 of these to make 100 blocks. As I make these I will be showing you a different way to make 4-patches. I saw this method on a blog and I will include the name of the blog so you can enjoy her other tutorials.

We received bare root plants yesterday. WE need to get them in the ground soon. This morning though there is frost on the roof tops so a few more days before they go outside. WE aren't planting garden veggies this year other than tomatoes and a couple peppers. The heavy gardening is coming to a halt.

So we bought some more flower plants for the flower beds. Hopefully this Summer we can get the roof on the house re-roofed. Then we will be set for a few more years. I do have a picture window I would like to replace.  It has sliders and I want double hung sash windows for there. More air circulation that way.

Not sure how today is going to go, but we need to have a better meal today so some time will be spent cooking. I have three different kinds of roasts in the freezer need to get something out to cook. Have a good day. Chris

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