Thursday, April 9, 2015

All fixed done and washed

Yes I repaired the mistakes and got the binding stitched down. I brought the backing around and stitched it to the top by machine. The binding is flatter that way and less bulk to lay on. 

I used a washable Crayola marker to mark my grid lines. After stitching everything I placed it in the washer and they all come out. I haven't had any issues with this not coming out. I don't think I would use it on silk, but the other cotton fabrics it works fine for. 

The backing shows more of the grid quilting. This is a small nap quilt or a better size for a small child to carry around. It ended up being about 36 X 36 inches. Goo size for the carseat or stroller without being something you can trip over carrying them.

Raining here today. We need it badly. Comes in showers, but coming down hard when it comes. Have a good day. Chris

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