Thursday, March 12, 2015

More of the same

Got up somewhat early and decided after looking at the computer for about 30 minutes I wasn't getting anything done. I went in and sewed for about 1 1/2 hours and just couldn't sit there any longer. 

The process has been so slow on this quilt. I think my heart isn't in it, but I want to show I can get something done. I'm sticking with it, but questioning my motives. 

I like the piecing end of it, but the quilting I wish I could afford to have someone do it for me. I feel so inadequate doing it. What I do holds it all together and it looks ok, but not what I envision it to be. 

The sun is out and we have noticed that we didn't miss growing plants for the garden this year. We gave up vegetable gardening this last Fall. We put everything up and decided other than a couple plants we wouldn't do anything. 34 years of planting, weeding, picking, and canning are over with.  I was tired of it. Our tastes have changed also. 

We still have some snow on the ground and we do have some ice patches here and there, but it is suppose to get to almost 60 degrees today. Chris

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