Friday, March 13, 2015

Up way to early and not sure what to start

1. quilt on the 9-patch
2. wind bobbins
3. work on cutting scraps
4. stitch some more 4-patches
5. clean
6. purge a couple boxes of just stuff
7. etc, etc, etc

So what would you do? This is just a partial list. I have ideas for a couple more quilts and yet I just want to sit and do nothing. With the warmer temps and all the humidity in the air from snow melting I am uncomfortable.

I feel like my life is a circle that keeps going round and round but never ends. Yesterday I made an effort to get back on the exercises bike a couple times and work at it for awhile. Today I really would like to walk some outside. Yard work is going to start before you know it and I need to get some strength back in my legs and back. Sitting all Winter isn't good for the old body.

I think this morning I will wind bobbins and try to stitch some more on the quilt. It would be a large piece out of the sewing room. Tonight not much to watch on TV so I can maybe I can pull my adjustable table into the living room and cut scraps up while sitting with my husband.

If I try and do those things I will have worked on a few of the list. Do you have goals today? Chris

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