Saturday, March 28, 2015

Why did I do that???

Yesterday while watching the girl's I got up to clean up a spill and moved to fast and tripped over a toy and then fell onto an ottoman and then to the floor. No one else was hurt, but I ache allover.

Autumn looked at ma and said Grandma fall. Yes grandma fell. I hit a coffee table on my way down and that is sore, but I will survive.

I kept going trying not to get real stiff. I had trouble in the night and sat up for awhile. I think soaking in the tub is coming, but then scared if I can get out of the tub. LOL

I have a small shopping mission today and need to get to three stores. Milk, ice cream, butter and a dress pattern for the girls. In and out of the car oh no. Just grit my and do it.

Sad to say I was more embarrassed than hurt. Granny is to old to fall very many more times though. Chris

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Rebecca said...

I have found that I fall as well as ever... Its getting up that's the problem now.