Friday, March 13, 2015


This last week we decided to do some changing with our TV watching ability. We have been a no cable or satellite household for a number of years. We couldn't afford the cable or satellite bills so many years ago we cut the cable and went to an antenna. We got all the big Network channels free that way.

We went with Netflix a couple years ago for movies and used it a lot. In the last couple weeks we have stepped up to the plate with Live Streaming from the computer to the HDTV screen. No costs other than the Internet bill we have been paying.

We decided to upgrade the free to air antenna. We called a local installer and he came and looked at what we had. WE have just recently started to change over from analog TV's to digital and we thought our antenna was not right. This guy was so honest which is hard to find in this day and age, but our antenna was right some of our connections were so far off.  

He changed about 6 connections and added an amplifier and we have beautiful pictures and a one time charge for his services and no more frustrations.

We decided if we need to add something else to our  viewing services we can add Hulu Plus, but now we pay $7.99 for Netflix and we are so much happier using the money for other things. I know others won't look at what we do as a workable plan for themselves, but it works for us.

Also I have some more money to buy fabric and supplies with this way. LOL Chris  

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