Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dress sewing

I traced off the sizes I needed for the girls I thought. I then had to go back and trace a larger size for Autumn. She is tall, but not real big around. I thought the smaller size would fit and decided so she could wear it for awhile I had better trace the next size. 

This pattern had multiple sizes from 1/2 size to 4 so it will be basic pattern pieces to change skirts and sleeves on. Sometimes the basic pieces are the best patterns to buy. 

This doesn't look like much, but it was free fabric and also a free zipper. So it can be a play top for jeans. She is getting taller and she needs different clothes for the cooler weather of Spring.

I'm going to Joann's today to see if I can find poly/cotton fabrics to keep from having to do all the pressing after washing. Garment fabric isn't as easy to find most is craft or quilting fabric anymore. Cotton knits are available, but woven fabric for tops and dresses are few and far between.

So I am sewing just not quilting. I found some Civil War Quilt ideas online that could be really cute ideas for kids quilts. It amazes me how a pattern used many many years ago looks in modern colorways and fabrics. Step out of the box and look at the bones of the pattern and add your twist of colors and fabric choices. Chris

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