Monday, March 23, 2015

Use it or loose it......

As you can see it is mini work right now. strips I cut are 1.5 inches and this is the size I use for the 1/2 inch hexies I am using. Hey I paid for it so I figure us it or loose it to the landfill. I have told you my son says when I'm gone everything goes to the landfill. I don't think this will be what happens, but that is the threat. He is basically saying get it sewn up Mom.  

TV remote, Roku remote and cellphone. This is what is going on in my living room this morning.

I woke up to snow fall at a high rate of speed.
The visibility in our area is less than a mile. Some of the schools have a 2 hour delay. We live rural and many country roads to cover in school buses. So if they worry they will have issues they delay school so they still have the tax money coming in for the day. Safety first with the kids.

This snow fall is my husband's fault. He put the snow shovels away. So it snowed. Blame him. Chris


Katie M. said...

I don't know how you can work on something so small!!! It's really pretty and wish I had the patience for it. As for the stash, I'll enjoy mine while I can and then my family can figure it out later :-)

Bren said...

I was never so glad to be in Wisconsin as when I heard you all got hit with that snow!! We didn't get a flake here!
Your hexies are was a great way to watch the snow fall.