Saturday, March 21, 2015

List gets longer each day

With this wedding coming soon I need some shower gifts. They are living together and have many of the things they need, but who can't use new towels and washcloths for the kitchen. I found this Peaches and Cream yarn at Walmart that is a little lighter than the regular kind. It is called Peaches and Cream Twists. It is a variegated color combo. 

I got one knitted and started on the second one which is half done. They go fast. 

The next on my list is getting carpets cleaned. Today I start on my living room. Then I need to bake off the cookies I have mixed up in the fridge. So after I get done with this post I plan on getting the vac out and clean first then get the carpet cleaner out and go at it. I really need to pretreat a couple spots. 

I was looking on Pinterest and found some sweaters for little girls in different sizes and decided I need to find a common color and gets some sweaters made to fit the girls. I love the multi sized patterns available in most of the knitting patterns and also the clothing patterns. 

So what am I doing wasting time on the puter as my granddaughter calls it. Who knows will keep you updated. Chris

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