Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Still feeling the aches from falling

It is getting better, but it is still there. I move just right and I can feel it.

Today have to get my Mother to the drivers license place. She will turn 87 tomorrow and she has to have a behind the wheel test. It isn't in the town she is use to driving to so i will drive her there and she can do the test.

We went to Aldi's the other day and they had some bare root plants. We bought several and got a couple planted yesterday. Hydrangea, Smoke Tree, Wisteria and dwarf burning bush were what they had. We needed to add some different things to our flower beds.

Started making some kids clothing and need to get 1/2 inch elastic for shorts. I have every size but 1/2 inch on hand.

Oh I almost forgot I have to pick up a package for my Mother at the Candy store. My Aunt called from Florida and she ordered a package and I need to go pick it up. They make hand made turtles. They are delicious. I stay away from the store all together.

Suppose to be warmer today and sun is suppose to be out. Chris

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