Saturday, March 7, 2015

I'm working at it

I did some tracing today of little girl patterns. I traced off the 1/2 size and the 1 and started measuring and decided I needed the two for Autumn. They are a Kate Greenway style dress. They are versatile. They can be cut shorter and made into a top to wear with pants or shorts also.

I found a piece of fabric of fabric in my stash that was given to me and a zipper that was given to me so All I have in it is the thread so far and some elastic for the sleeves.

I thought I would test this size out to see if it will fit her. She was suppose to come today, but Mom is sick now so they won't be coming down for a few days. So I will complete other than the hem and wait to see if it fits before I cut anything else out.

I found some really cute dresses online for over $927 in her size that were custom made. I won't spend that much on her entire wardrobe. That is to over the top.I guess if you have it spend it. I won't spend that much on myself. The dress was at Niemann Marcus way out of my budget.

So I'm trying to figure out what for supper tonight. Nothing sounds good. Maybe and omelet. I think I can handle that. Chris

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