Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sewing Again

Got up and started back on getting this quilted. It is more quality than quantity right now. It seems like I'm in slow motion with this process. It is getting there but not fast.

Here are the patterns I need to trace off to get the sewing started for the girls. I got measurements of the little one yesterday. That is when she wanted to play with the tape measure. I have some fabric leftover from their older sister and I thought I could get some of it used up. 

Many times little girls dresses are just a different color or sleeve so if you find one that fits be inventive and change things up. They grow so fast you have to be three garments ahead of them. The one good thing for now is Kate is smaller than Autumn and some of the thing I make for Autumn will fit Kate next year, but she will catch up because she is a much bigger framed girl than Autumn. 

Little dresses that are to short because they grew in height can always be worn over pants as a top if they still fit around. Autumn is very long wasted and I think Kate will be to. 

Back to getting more stitching done. To cold to go anywhere. Chris 

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