Friday, May 22, 2015

An attempt at getting something done

One small pile of fabric was laying on the cutting table which I can not find the bottom of. Last night I was tired, but needed something to do. I have one month before the wedding work has to start, so I need to make some headway in cleaning and sorting the sewing room.

 I got my small cutting mat and this pile of scraps and was watching TV while I cut. 2.5 inch strips and squares were cut from this pile. Also some 3 7/8 inch squares for HST's and a few 2 inch squares to finish up the piece of fabric.
I cut for about 2 hours and worked my way through one stack of small scraps. They were not available to be sewn in the state they were in. A tub of 2 1/2 inch strips are piling up.

2 1/2 inch squares are making their way into another quilt top by being available. So when the power sewing happens I can just sit and sew. Today I will get another batch cut.

Yesterday I went to the Dr's office with Talea and the little girls. Autumn had a 2 year check up and she was fine at the Dr.s office got home and started a temp. Kate they thought might have strep so a throat culture and blood work happened and she couldn't find anything. But she has had a temp off and on for two weeks. Then yesterday after a nap we found another tooth coming through. That makes 6 teeth now. What the little ones go through to get teeth at that age. 

Sun's out and the day is young so we will see what I get done around here today. Chris

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