Saturday, May 16, 2015

Different post

Did a garden walk and somethings are showing color. This is a Tree Peony. It was a gift from my sister when she came to visit last week. Today the bloom opened up and is quite pretty.

The plant is small now but suppose to get to 5 ft. X 5 ft. So it will be quite showy when full sized.

Blue Columbine are blooming. They are not as common as the red ones. 

Weigelia is in bloom. This was a start that came off a larger bush we have. 

The Yellow Hosta was gifted to me by a follower [Judy]. She is a cousin to my Husband. She likes to read my blog everyday.  Thanks Judy.

The Hostas are so big. They came from the John Deer Historical site. Where he and his wife first started to farm. My neighbor worked there as a tour guide. They were little starts and these plants have been divided many times. About time to do it again.

We are experiencing warm and humid weather for this time of year. 80 degrees and 80% humidity. We are expecting some strong storms coming in from the plains tonight and tomorrow.  We need the rain, but it barely dries out enough to mow between. I did notice the corn that has been planted is up and growing already.

Doors are open and the birds are chirping like they know weather is on it's way. Stay safe and dry. Chris

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